At Brendan Kelly Solicitors, we understand the devastating effects a defamatory publication can have upon your reputation personally and financially.

We are acutely aware that social media platforms have created a more diverse possibility for public discourse and the publication of defamatory statements, and our team of Solicitors are fully equipped to counteract those publications with the full force of the law. We understand that your reputation can take years to build up, but one defamatory story or online comment can cause irreparable damage. We appreciate that defamatory posts can be immensely damaging to you personally, and that such posts effect employment prospects and cause lasting harm to personal and familial relationships.

We offer specialist and expert advice in defamation and privacy law cases. Our team of specialist Solicitors have advised and represented clients in a number of high-profile and complex Irish defamation actions before the Superior Courts in Ireland in relation to false and malicious statements, and we have secured public apologies, retractions, removal of the publication and some of the largest sums of compensation for our clients in the past decade.

As the use of the internet and social media increases, so too does the reach of defamatory publications and the need to take instant action. 

If you have been affected personally or professionally by defamation, slander, or have been the victim of press intrusion, contact us today to speak to one of our specialist solicitors.



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