Administration of Estates

We at Brendan Kelly Solicitors provide a full range of legal services to Legal Personal Representatives, trustees, and beneficiaries in the administration of an Estate or Trust.

After taking your instruction to administer the Estate, whether the deceased died with or without making a Will, we will deal with every aspect of the administration of the Estate from gathering in all assets of the Estate, preparing the Statement of Affairs and applying for a Grant of Representation, advising on potential tax liability arising in relation to the Estate, to distributing the assets of the Estate and providing you with an account of all income and expenditure in the Estate.

If the Deceased died without having made a Will, we advise on the way the division of the deceased’s assets will apply in accordance with the rules of intestacy. Often but not always, this can involve the preparation and execution of Deeds of Family Arrangement and Trusts where an agreement is reached between all entitled beneficiaries in relation to the division of the deceased’s assets.

If you are a beneficiary of an Estate, we offer an independent legal advice service in order that you may make a fully informed decision as to the proposed division of assets in an Estate.

At Brendan Kelly Solicitors, we offer specialist advice to legal personal representatives on concerns they may have in relation to the capacity of the deceased, undue influence, fraud, lack of provision for a child of the deceased and poor administration of the Estate.

If your loved one has passed away and you have been named as Executor in their Will, or, if they did not make a Will and you are entitled to apply to administer their Estate, please contact our specialist team of Solicitors today who will be happy to advise and direct you through carrying out the wishes of the deceased.


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