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Last Will and Testament

Drafting Wills & Trusts

Whether your Estate is simple or complex, we form the process of making your Will as simple and straightforward as possible, to protect the things important to you.

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Administration of Estates

We at Brendan Kelly Solicitors provide a full range of legal services to Legal Personal Representatives, trustees, and beneficiaries in the administration of an Estate or Trust.

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Probate Litigation

We have represented Executors, Administrators, Beneficiaries and children of the deceased in the Circuit Court, the Superior Courts, and through mediation and dispute resolution.

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Succession Planning

If you are planning to transfer your assets to the next generation, or your parents or relatives wish to transfer their assets to you in furtherance of your family farming or business enterprise.

Power of attorney

Power Of Attorney

A Power of Attorney enables you to appoint an “Attorney” to deal with all your personal and financial affairs in the event that you become incapacitated through illness in the future.

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Farm Transfers

Our Solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with transactions relating to family farms and agricultural holdings and are fully alert to all taxation implications for you and your family into the future.

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Voluntary Transfer

A voluntary transfer occurs when an individual wishes to gift land or a property to another person, without any money changing hands, often consisting of a parent transferring property or land to a child.

House for sale

Selling or Purchasing a Property

We take great care that you are carefully advised and fully protected when buying or selling your property. Whether you are a first-time buyer, owner occupier or investor, we offer a professional, friendly service.

Administration of Estates

Notary Services

A Notary Public’s role is to notarise, certify or authenticate documents and/or signatures for use abroad. When a notary signs a document, it certifies authenticity, validity and truthfulness.

Flat for lease


At Brendan Kelly Solicitors, our experienced property solicitors are available to offer specialist advice whether you are a landlord or tenant, either private or commercial.

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Social media platforms have created a diverse possibility for public discourse and the publication of defamatory statements. Our Solicitors are equipped to counteract those publications.

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Personal Injury

We will ensure that you receive any lost earnings and recoup any medical costs incurred, as well as ensuring that you are compensated for the psychological consequences of an injury.

Doctors in medical negligence situation

Medical Negligence

We understand the devastating effects a delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, or such other breach of professional medical duty can have upon you personally and financially.

Residential Zoned Land

Residential Zoned Land

The Residential Zoned Land Tax is a new tax that was introduced in Finance Act 2021. It applies to land that is both zoned as suitable for residential development and is serviced.

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Family Law

We understand that relationship breakdowns are traumatic sensitive and that the interests of any children of a relationship are of paramount importance.