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Wills and Farm Succession Planning

Brendan Kelly Solicitors understand that your farm is your investment of a lifetime’s work. It is an asset that you have laboured hard to build and maintain for you and your family.

When the time comes to step back you should have the peace of mind that a sound tax efficient strategy is in place to ensure a seamless transition of the farm to the next generation and in so doing ensuring that the legacy to your children is protected.

With careful planning assets can be passed to the next generation in such a way to ensure the passing of a tax efficient legacy whilst retaining the stability of the farm as a whole.

How can I pass on the farm by gift or by inheritance?

How can I pass on the farm as a whole without leaving a discord and upset with other family members?

How can I eliminate inheritance tax or gift tax?

We can work with you to ensure all inheritance tax reliefs are maximised and we can advise you when and how to pass on the farm in a timely and considered way.

“As you head towards retirement, consideration need to be given to implementing an effective succession plan”

“Costly and unnecessary disputes can be avoided when expert legal advice is taken”


“Made helpful and clear suggestions and we found the process much simpler than we had anticipated.”

“Would certainly recommend, a well deserved good reputation”

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