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Why make a will?

You may be considering whether or not to make a Will. Our solicitors can explain what a Will could do for you, and help you set one up quickly and cost-effectively.

Why making a Will makes sense

Having a will is the best way to ensure that your intentions for your property or assets are carried out correctly after you are gone.

There are lots of myths and common misconceptions about Will’s, we can help dispel those and give you the correct advice-

‘I’m living with my partner and they’ll inherit everything’

This is not always true. If you die intestate, or without a Will, and you are unmarried, co-habiting or are in a civil partnership, your partner will receive nothing. Your estate could pass to someone who you didn’t intend it to, all because you did not make a Will.

‘My estate would be straightforward – so there’s no advantage to making a Will’

You might think things are straightforward, but if you don’t leave a Will, your intentions will not be clear to your family.

You might have more than you thought and if you don’t consolidate your assets in a Will, your family could miss out.

Having a professionally drafted Will means you assets are guaranteed to go to whom you intended, and that can help reduce tax burdens or limit inheritance tax for your loved ones.

‘My loved ones can work it out when I’m gone’

The only way of staying in control of how your assets or estate will be divided is to have a Will.

The rules of intestacy may prevent your intentions from happening, and will place an unnecessary burden on your family at an already difficult time. A Will would prevent any of this from occurring.

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