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Updating your will

When your Will is completed, you know you have done everything possible to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

However, things can change over time and your circumstances may mean that you need to adjust your Will. Keeping your Will updated is important, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you need to make a change.

Reasons why you should consider updating a Will

As experts in Will writing, we can help you check whether your Will still reflects your wishes and lifestyle, and can suggest quick and cost-effective ways to keep it up to date.

If relationships change

If your Will was drafted before you were married or divorced, or before you had children, it will probably not reflect your current wishes.

If your Will does not represent your current circumstances, it could lead to complications for your family. This can be avoided if you keep your Will up to date.

Changes in your financial situation

If you have been promoted, sold property or inherited money since you drafted your Will, you may wish to amend it to reflect your new circumstances.

We can help make sure your increased wealth is taken into account , and ensure that it is tax efficient to save your loved ones any unnecessary inheritance tax burden in the future.

Changes in legislation

We keep a close eye on any changes to the law that could affect your Will, for example, rules on inheritance tax. Your Will needs to be in line with the latest legislation and we will contact you if any changes need to be made.

We recommend reviewing your Will at regular intervals, perhaps every five years. If you need to update or completely overhaul your Will, don’t hesitate to ask our expert solicitors.

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