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Probate and administration of estates

“Thoughtful Probate and Estate Administration can help take away some of the worries”

When you have lost a loved one, you will undoubtedly be experiencing a stressful and traumatic time. The last thing you need is to add to those difficulties by having to deal with the Administration of your loved one’s Estate.

At Brendan Kelly Solicitors, our expert Probate team can assist in alleviating this added burden as effectively and easily as possible. Our reputation is built on providing clear and simple guidance and ensuring each client is given our utmost personal attention.

Probate and Estate Administration that takes care of everything

Being an Executor of a Will brings with it a lot of responsibility. While it is an emotional time for you, it is vital that you carry out your loved one’s exact wishes as he/she has requested.

As you local Probate Solicitors with a long established record of assisting clients with Estate Administration, we trust we will be in a position to provide you with the guidance and necessary advice to handle and effectively complete the Administration of the Estate.

You will need a grant of probate before you can administer an estate. Our solicitors will help you with the probate application, then help you through the process of administering the estate or even handle the whole thing for you.

Help with tax implications

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest legislation on taxation for estate administration.

Our expert solicitors will take you through the implications of Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax, to try and help reduce the tax liabilities on your estate.

If you need help with any aspect of Probate, want an estimate of costs, or whether you would like us to handle the entire Estate Administration on your behalf, contact our office today for a free no obligation consultation.

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