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Making a Will

As expert Will writing solicitors, whether your estate is simple or complex we can make the process of making your Will as simple and straightforward as possible, thus protecting the things important to you.

  •  In your Will YOU decide who will administer your estate in carefully selecting someone whom you trust, someone who is honest and reliable to act as your executor.
  • In your Will YOU decide who to appoint as the guardians of your children in order to care for them in the event that they are left without parents.
  • In your Will YOU can ensure that your partner and/or children are bequeathed specific assets as you so intend.
  • In your Will YOU can bequeath a gift to a close friend, charity or others.
  • In your Will YOU can minimize Inheritance Tax with good tax planning, taking into account your loved ones’ circumstances.Remember, if you are co-habiting with your partner but not married, your partner will not have an automatic right to your property without making a Will.
  • Remember, if you have recently been married, any Will which you have made will be automatically revoked by your marriage. Or, if you are party to a recent Separation Agreement, Judicial Separation or Divorce, it is important to make or review your Will to reflect any changes in family circumstances.
  • Remember, you can always make changes to your Will at any time during your lifetime.
  • If you are thinking about making your Will, please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange an appointment 

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