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Family Law

Relationship breakdowns have become an increasingly common fact of life. Emotions may run high which can cloud one’s thinking.

It is therefore important to have the expert guidance of a Family Law Solicitor to provide the right advice in a calm and friendly manner, so as to ensure the best results for you in the long term.

"I have never had dealings with a Solicitor who has shown such dedication to duty far and beyond what could be expected. Her attention to detail and clarify in explaining matters was second to none. Rachael is an exceptional ambassador for your practice, a real lady who dealt with my difficult separation in a way I could never have expected. Thank you."

At Brendan Kelly Solicitors our dedicated team of Solicitors provide a friendly, client focused and professional service to deal with marital breakdown as well as matters in relation to your children.

Our solicitors have extensive experience in representing clients in all Family Law matters including;

  • Separation
  • Divorce
  • Guardianship
  • Custody
  • Access
  • Maintenance

Obtaining a Separation or a Divorce can be fairly straightforward, however the implications that arise can often be more complicated.

By taking our legal advice at an early stage you can be better prepared for the consequences that follow, thus helping to protect you and your family and safeguard their future interests.

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