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At Brendan Kelly Solicitors, we offer specialist and expert advice in defamation and privacy cases. We represent clients who have been harmed due to false claims or statements made about them in the press or online.

As the use of the internet and social media increases, defamatory posts can be immensely damaging to an individual, effecting employment prospects and causing lasting harm to personal and family lives.

We provide advice on good name and reputation as part of your constitutional rights, as well as protecting clients from media intrusion as part of our Privacy Law service.

The reputation of your business can take years to build up, but one defamatory story or online comment can cause irreparable damage. Our solicitors can advise how to get an apology, retraction or even compensation if your business’ reputation has been damaged by a defamatory or slanderous story.

If you have been affected personally or professionally by defamation, slander, or have been the victim of press intrusion, contact us today to speak to one of our specialist solicitors

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