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Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial property and premises are an integral part of most businesses. Such properties reflect significant investment that needs to be protected.

Our commercial property solicitors will assist and deal with the many complex conveyancing issues that might arise and affect your business however large or small.

The importance of having a competent and professional solicitor when dealing with commercial conveyancing cannot be underestimated.

Unlike residential conveyancing, the solicitor’s role in a commercial conveyance becomes more varied. He/she has greater responsibility in identifying problems at the outset by way of a thorough due diligence process, by drafting tailor made contracts and highlighting the pertinent factors that may ultimately affect the value of the property.

In recent years the lending requirements by a Purchaser’s bank can be complex and extensive requiring specialised legal knowledge on various matters to include contract law, insurance law, banking/lending law, planning and environmental laws, liquor laws and landlord and tenant laws.

Our experienced team have dealt with numerous commercial conveyancing transactions which include;

  1. The purchase and sale of business property.
  2. The purchase and sale of development land.
  3. The purchase and sale of farms.
  4. The purchase and sale of licenced premises.
  5. The sale of new houses for builders.
  6. The sale of lands to local authorities under Compulsory Purchase Orders.

If you are considering buying or selling a commercial property, whether it is a large or small scale project, please contact our property team and we will be happy to offer our expert advice tailored to your needs.

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